The Canadian : German Student Exchange Program

The Department of Foreign Affairs, Ottawa, the Canadian Embassy, Berlin and the German Canadian Association in Cologne are responsible for this program since 1965. Within the bilateral cultural, scientific and commercial agreements, considerable attention is given to the Student Work Exchange Program. Continued efforts are therefore made every year to ensure its sucess.
The program objectives:
To allow a maximum of 100 German students to come to Canada each year in summer from all fields of study to obtain a two months job. The work term is designed to help post secondary students gain an appreciation for each other`s culture and to encourage closer relations between Canada and the Federal Republic of Germany.
By working and living with Canadians the German students gain valuable experience and get the opportunity to develop their personality under foreign living and working conditions. Finally, after having finished the work term, one month of travel allows an insight into the fascinating nature, the wide expanse, the ruggedness and the beauty of the country.
Parameters of the program:
Wages vary according to a minimum and a higher qualified job in relatin to job-requirements, ability and students` qualification.
Generally the students are responsible for their accomodation, nevertherless any assistance by the company rendered in this respect will be highly appreciated. Students working on a farm may take their time to tour Canada prior to their work term.
From a total of approximately 1000 applicants, the Canadian Embassy in Berlin and the German Canadian Association select the most suitable and qualified students for a maximum of 100 German participants each year, ensuring the best possible young employee for the specific job requirements. The final decision of course in this respect is taken by the Canadian company as the employer. The German students, upon arrival in Toronto as a group in July, will be given a brief orientation by representatives of the Federation of Canadian Students prior to traveling to their Canadian destinations.
How to proceed: Canadian companies interested in taking a student may ask for the „Employer`s Offer of Employment for Trainee from Abroad“ from the German Association in Cologne as soon as possible.
Having submitted the offer of employment, the company will be contacted to coordinate details and receive personal student files for consideration and approval.
The reciprocal effect: It is important in this context to bear in mind, that participation in this established 35 years` program also means vice versa assisting young Canadians to take part in the equivalent program living and working in Germany during the summer vacation period.

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