For a websidelist of German and Canadian companies bilaterally enganged in both countries available upon request, see "Firmenliste Kanada".

The union of actually 25 european states to a common market with more than 450 million inhabitants, brought a considerable economic growth and increasing purchasing power.
The socalled „EUROLAND“ – after introduction of a common currency is a strong and stable community.

Increasing innovations
High social standards and high purchasing power
Interesting investment conditions




form a challenging platform for those companies, who look for international expansion.
It is indeed most attractive to check the possibilities in this market, especially for companies from Canada because of the relationship in mentallity facilitating the handling of this market.
GERMANY – as the biggest memberstate with over 80 million inhabitants, its central location, excellent logistics and skilled workmenship of any kind, is an ideal place and focal point for activities throughout the European Market.

If you want to get an idea about the
selling potential of your products and performances
possibility of cooperation or

we shall be pleased to assist you by providing the following services:
A.Appointments and meetings: Arranging a program of extensive appointments and confirming a series of meetings with local  key contacts.
B.Logistical support: Organizing logistical support for market visits (e.g. airport pick-up and drop off, car and driver, hotel reservations), obtaining tender documents, attending tender opening.
C.Business support services: Arranging translation, interpretation, temporary business centre facilities, office space, or professional services such as in-depth market research consultants.
D.Participation in events: Organizing logistical support such as booth space for trade fairs and local market events such as seminars and conferences.
E.Temporary office or display space: Arranging to provide client representatives with space outside the post for conducting  meetings or doing general office work or a display area for presenting product samples.

We are prepared to smoothen the path for you to Germany and the European Market in cooperation with the Chambers of Industry and Commerce, the Canadian Trade Missions and other official organisations, fair companies, etc. in Europe.

"Invest in Germany", the latest KPMG-publication (May 2004) informs foreign investors among others about taxation of enterpreneurs and privat individuals, M&A, accounting and reporting.
Available in pdf (1.500 kb) via e-mail free or in print-version at € 10,-- within Germany or € 15,-- to Canada from Foreign Trade Partner Office Canada, Am Wiesenhang 22, D-42859 Remscheid

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